Saturday, January 23, 2010

The truth about Santa Claus? Or not.

Yesterday as I drove Ayden to school he mentioned something about santa, I not thinking he really believed in Santa said "Well, yeah, but Santa isn't real." I wasn't prepared for his audible gasp followed by a very upset "Santa isn't real!?!" Eeek.. "Um, we'll talk about this after you get home from school." So later I tried to tell him the story of St. Nicholas, and that a long time ago he brought toys to needy children but that he died, but that people still like to remember him so they keep talking about Santa Claus and pretend that he still brings presents, but its really just moms and dads. All I got back was "Whatever. Whatever. Nice joke mom."

So... I guess we believe in Santa for a little longer.


  1. Neither of my boys believe in Santa. When I wrote about this on my blog and mentioned this at work, I couldn't believe the response I got. I got everything from I had taken to magic out of Christmas to I'd doomed my children to grow up into cynics. I was surprised.

    It's so cute that Ayden didn't believe you when you told him Santa wasn't real.

  2. Lol, we've never been parents that taught him about santa. None of our presents were ever from "Santa". I don't ever even remember telling Ayden about Santa. Im more surprised that he believes in Santa than anything else.