Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Years Resolutions

I make them, and I break them. Every year without fail. But this year needs to be different. Everything seems so cluttered right now. I lose my keys every day, that load of laundry still hasn't been folded, the car is a disaster and we're always a step behind. My resolutions this year are not grand. They are not impressive. They are probably all things that every one else has a handle on, but somewhere down the road my together-ness took a wrong turn and I ended up wearing two different socks.

Without further ado I give you my resolutions for 2010:

1. No more soda. -Soda makes me fat. So do those rice crispy treats, but we'll start with the soda.

2. Cook something from scratch, or close to scratch at least 3 nights a week. - I work nights, but 3 of them I'm home early enough to make dinner and opening cans and boxes or going through drive thru's just doesn't cut it anymore.

3. Make at least one weekly trip to the library with Ayden. - Ayden loves to read, and he's really good at it. His little readers used to be enough but he's getting
noticeably bored with his school books. One can only read about Sam and Mit for so long.

4. Clean my room. Clean my everything. Throw away. Give away. Make room for some negative space. - As much as I say I'm not, I am a pack rat. Why on earth can I not get rid of my Allyn & Bacon Guide to Writing? Or those shoes I'll ne
ver wear? Or that mirror I'll never hang?

And lastly...

5. Stop eating at school. - This is too expensive. I have food in my cupboard. Good food. Healthy food. Food that won't make me fat. Food that's already been paid for. I need to eat this instead of the delicious already prepared food at school.

And there we have it. My resolutions. Nothing too difficult. And none that aren't semi-flexible... except the soda. That buck stops here. I' m 10 days in an
d so far so good. I'm usually giving up by this time so I'm feeling hopeful.


  1. Impressive to completely give up soda. I've given up regular soda and only drink diet. But I should probably give it up. I just really really need to caffeine. Which I'm not giving up.

  2. Yeah, its the caffeine that is my addiction too. I keep coffee on hand for the headaches and the pick me ups. But will need to give that up too since I put so much creamer in it that it barely resembles coffee anymore. I try to drink a lot of iced tea, but haven't quite got the taste for it yet.